Divya Music presents DM Live Core:

The on vocal and instrumental music classes for the convenience of the music students all over the world. Divya Music on live interactive music classes is an effective distance learning program, a fusion of the creative performing art to the modern technology recreating the magic of one-to-one learning as in ancient Guru – Shishya parampara. DM Live Core – The on smart music classes:


The on live interactive music classes performed through the modern E-learning technology in fact offers convenience and saves a lot of time and cost on commuting to the nearest music school music teacher providing freedom to schedule the time for learning and practicing the recorded music lessons, prior to the live interactive session.


DM Live Core on music classes has been devised for the individuals of all ages and basic skill levels in music that do not have the time to take the regular music courses and would like to take music class on their own convenient schedule. The classes for learning vocal music and instrumental music include recorded lessons of 60 minutes each, lessons in a week and eight recorded lessons in a month. In addition to these recorded lessons the  sessions / week (of 0 minutes each) of live interactive one-to-one on classes with the music teacher(Music Guru) are organized for the practice, required perfection through demonstration / explanation / movements, live guidance for improvements and question answer sessions on music theory / concepts of practice.


The on music courses require the students to have access to personal computer with high speed broadband internet connectivity and own music instrument (if registered for on music instrument training course). The on music student will have to download the recorded on lessons first, understand and practice music according to the instructions and demonstrations provided. This is followed by a live, real time on session with the personal on music teacher (Music guru on) at a pre-arranged time. The real time live class is facilitated over on video calls – Skype or G Talk video calls.


DM Live Core team of reputed music gurus, well known musicians, eminent music academicians, specialty education experts, music technology experts, audio video technicians and other related experts have worked hard to offer you the extra-ordinary music learning experience through E-learning, the music lessons devised to work in the same way as a student experiences in the music learning studio class with a music teacher.  This real time, live distance learning program is a high quality Audio Video show where you can see, hear, and talk with your private instructor, the music teacher or the music Guru in real time.

Repeat viewing advantage for finer details on movements: Learn how to sing better with finer voice fluctuations clearly demonstrated and learn to play the musical instruments in a better way by taking a clear note of the finer details on the finger movements demonstrated with the close up shots recorded by the camera. These finer movements can otherwise be missed during the practice in group music classes.  The repeat viewing of the pre-recorded lessons at your convenience helps to improve on the practice session mistakes by taking a note of the finer movements as performed by the music instructor.

Better consistence and concentration with on classes:

The on music students are least likely to miss their recorded or live sessions of the music classes due to the class timing flexibility and the personal convenience where other important obligations could be adjusted very well with the flexible learning time schedules. The initial hesitation, shyness and lack of concentration and confidence are easily overcome with the initial session of the on music class itself due to the comfortable environment of home which may have otherwise taken weeks to go away in group music classes. On music classes are usually preferred by individuals for learning vocal and instrumental music but Divya Music can also organize and offer special on classes for a small group of individuals or for teaching music to a community as community music learning classes


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